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Trees are living things and as such they can suffer from severe fungal disease and bacterial infections which can affect its structure and cause biomechanical instability, for instance the fungus Meripilus giganteus (Giant polypore) which is more commonly known to affect fagus (beech) can cause extensive internal damage to the structural roots before any external evidence of its presence is noticed, rendering mature trees that look perfectly healthy, liable to collapse or toppling over in high winds. In such circumstances the tree is deemed dangerous and must be removed. Other reasons for removing trees can be as simple as a tree has been planted in the wrong location and now growing in close proximity to a building. Any tree that is deemed hazardous or dangerous to public safety is also a common reason for removal.


The removal of a tree is a more technical operation than normal pruning, and requires specialised rigging equipment which enables us to lower sections of trees under control, and in some circumstances we may require to use a crane or a mobile elevated work platform (M.E.W.P) especially if the tree is too dangerous to climb, this will be covered in our initial risk assessment before works starts.


We can advise you on a wide variety of health issues concerning your trees. Many trees can live on long after their health begins to decline. Decisions are based primarily on safety, however good pruning and good tree management can extend a trees life and maintain its aesthetic and amenity value to the area for many years to come.


Late summer/ autumn is an excellent time to inspect your trees, have a look at the base and surrounding area, are there any unusual fruiting bodies (fungus caps) that you have not noticed before, does the crown look healthy ?. Why not take a look at the OPAL news on the home page “news” section you will find helpful information about signs and symptoms of disease and pests that can affect your trees health.


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